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02/23/2018 04:10Russian parents discover their son is still alive seven years after being told he had died    (The Epoch Times)
Parents Discover Child They Thought Was Dead Is Alive After Receiving $4000 Bill From Orphanage - The Epoch Times
02/22/2018 17:20Parents who thought their baby had died seven years ago find out it is still alive after getting ÂŁ3000 ...    ( Yahoo News UK )
A mum and dad who believed their baby had died in 2011 were shocked to discover it was still alive – after they were sent an orphanage bill. The unidentified parents, from Volgograd, Russia, had been told that their newborn would not live more than a week after it was born seven years ago. The couple ...
02/22/2018 15:00Parents discover baby they thought was dead is alive after receiving ÂŁ3000 bill from orphanage    ( Metro )
... died seven years ago. The parents, from Volgograd, Russia, were told that their child would not live more than a week after being born in 2011. ... The next day the woman went to the reception of the Volgograd Administration of the Federal Bailiff Service to find out why she couldn't access her money.
02/22/2018 13:15Fight Against Terrorism: The Other Side of Russian Intelligence Agencies' Work    ( Sputnik International )
At the end of December, Vladimir Putin said that over the last year, more the 60 terrorist were foiled in Russia, confirming words expressed six month ... "When there were terrible acts of terrorism in Volgograd [in 2013; it left 18 people dead], I raised the question of why we had no one imbedded in the ...
02/22/2018 09:00The Real Russian Threat    ( AmmoLand Shooting Sports News )
An estimated 1.1 million soldiers were killed, wounded, missing, or captured, and 40,000 civilians died at Stalingrad (now Volgograd). Putin and his allies are keenly aware of the danger of mass death in a real war. They are determined to win such a war through tactical nuclear weapons, if need be.
02/22/2018 05:10Shock as mum and dad DISCOVER the newborn baby they thought died seven years ago is STILL ...    ( The Sun )
After an administrative mix-up, a bailiff was sent to recover ÂŁ3,000 for the cost of care for the child on behalf of the orphanage. The parents were not at home so the bailiff seized the mother's bank account. The next day the woman showed up at the reception of the Volgograd Administration of the Federal ...
02/22/2018 03:10Parents told baby died seven years ago stunned to find child ALIVE after orphanage sends them bill    ( )
The next day the woman showed up at the reception of the Volgograd Administration of the Federal Bailiff Service in Russia to find out why she couldn't access her money. When official showed her the documents from the orphanage, the mother fainted. A spokesman for the bailiff service said: “It became ...
02/21/2018 21:05Parents who were told their baby had died seven years ago discover the child is ALIVE after ...    ( Daily Mail )
A mother and father who were told their baby had died in hospital seven years ago have discovered the child is alive and living in an orphanage. The parents, from Volgograd in south-west Russia, were told in 2011 by doctors that the severely ill baby would not live longer than a week. They signed a ...
02/21/2018 15:20Moscow detains man who wounded Volgograd Investigative Committee Head's son    ( )
According to the RenTV channel, Muscovite, 27, who stabbed Volgograd region Investigation Committee Head's son and investigator of the Koptevsky inter-district investigation department Mikhail Murzaev, who became famous after the video, where being half-naked called himself a special subject, ...
02/06/2018 17:05Putin Supporters' Election Pitch: Remember Stalingrad    ( Wall Street Journal )
VOLGOGRAD, Russia—Young police cadets at the imposing World War II memorial here belt out a tune pledging allegiance to President Vladimir Putin. “If the commander in chief calls us into final battle, Uncle Vova, we are with you!” they sing, referring to the president with an affectionate form of his ...
02/05/2018 17:00Russia building devastating nuclear weapon; Pentagon seeks to counter    ( WTOP )
Russia building devastating nuclear weapon; Pentagon seeks to counter ... President Vladimir Putin visits a museum dedicated to the battle of Stalingrad during commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, once known as Stalingrad.
02/01/2018 23:05Watch: Phone Charger Bursts Into Flames On Plane    ( International Business Times )
A flight from Moscow to Volgograd, Russia, ended in panic for some passengers Wednesday after a seat caught on fire due to a phone charger unit exploding. The incident was caught on video. The economy class cabin on Aeroflot began to fill with smoke as passengers put the flame out. The charger ...
01/30/2018 01:00Russians Vent Anger Over Presidential Vote    ( Transitions Online )
The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated that around 4,700 people participated in the protests in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities, according to a blog post ... According to OVD-Info, 16 people were arrested in Moscow and 19 in St. Petersburg, compared to 66 in Ufa and 65 in Volgograd.
01/29/2018 20:05Stalingrad casts shadow 75 years after fight WWII    ( News Agency of Nigeria (press release) )
On this hill, in what was once Stalingrad, the silence is interrupted only by the heavy paces of Russian soldiers changing the guard at the Eternal Flame. One of the world's ... During the political thaw that followed the death of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, the city was renamed Volgograd. Standing taller ...
01/24/2018 16:00Russian 'monster' couple who raped and abused daughter, 12, spark outrage: 'Shoot these b******s'    ( International Business Times UK )
A Russian couple, who confessed to raping and sexually torturing their 12-year-old daughter in the name of training her for "adult life", are facing wide-spread outrage. Furious social media users have not only branded the pair "evil" and "monsters" but also have been demanding death penalty for their ...
01/24/2018 02:40Russians demand castration or death for 'evil paedo' couple who raped and sexually abused their ...    ( The Sun )
FURIOUS Russians are demanding castration and death for “evil” parents who allegedly raped their daughter, 12, and forced her into sick threesomes. The unnamed mother, 35, and her husband, 36, from the city of Volgograd, told police they wanted to “train” the child sexually, it has been claimed.
01/23/2018 04:55Russian couple 'raped daughter, 12, with a sex toy and forced her into threesome with them' before ...    ( The Sun )
A RUSSIAN couple are accused of raping their 12-year-old daughter in sick threesomes while the wife assaulted her with an “artificial penis.” The parents from Volgograd, in western Russian, reportedly told police they wanted to “train their daughter in advance for adult life”. The unnamed couple face 20 ...
01/22/2018 15:20Parents Repeatedly Raped Their 12-Year-Old Daughter:”Better Us Than Some Maniac”    ( The Hollywood Unlocked (blog) )
A couple from Volgograd, Russia is facing trial after being accused of making their daughter a sex slave. The unnamed couple is currently in police custody and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Their 12-year-old daughter was subjected to sexual abuse from December 2016 to March 2017.
01/21/2018 15:20Volgograd: Shootout and knife fight, one suspect arrested    ( )
The Volgograd Court held an offsite hearing in the City Hospital No. 15 and arrested a man suspected of participating in a mass fight involving shooting and knife fighting near a Krasnoarmeysky district cafĂŠ, according to Russian Investigative Committee Directorate in the Volgograd region spokeswoman ...
01/20/2018 23:20Russian Couple in Custody for Turning 12-Year-Old Child into Sex Slave    ( Regal Tribune )
The Russian couple who allegedly raped their 12-year-old daughter has been taken into custody. If found guilty the 34-year-old couple could spend the next 20 years behind bars. Pending the trial, the Volgograd authorities rescinded their parental rights and placed the minor in care.


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